As Dorothy said, ‘There’s no place like home.’ Holidays are wonderful – a time for lots of talk,  more exercise and new sights. I was in Wellington and of course had to visit a few op shops.  I don’t know if I just hit bad days but I found nothing except a book and a lovely paua shell. What struck me is how poor the linens are. Just newish cotton mix sheets without the retro appeal. None of the op shop goodness that my city offers. And grot sheets were $6!

So yesterday I returned home and had time to go to my two favourite op shops. And there were some lovely sheets.



The last photo is a tin tray.

Below is my cupboard with my favourite pure cotton sheets. I found some delightful washi tape that is fabric and looks like a vintage sheet pattern  – so I put it top and bottom of the shelf.  There is no more room now for sheets – I will have to start getting rid of some if another favourite is found. The other  photos are pillowcases. Such an easy way to change the look of a bed.


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