Being a New Zealander

When I was younger living in New Zealand was not that cool. In my teenage years it was seen as so unsophisticated and far away from the action. Many of my friends headed overseas and settled in Australia or England. I have always loved being in New Zealand and with acts of terrorism and environmental changes I am eternally grateful to be on a thin little island down the bottom of the world with fresh air and relative safety. Isolation is good.

I see myself as Pakeha, and though my ancestors travelled from England I feel no attachment at all to Britain. The finds at op shops that reflect being in the Pacific are some of my favourites.

Tui have the most remarkable birdsong. Pohutakawa are my favourite flower. This tablecloth/ scarf is chiffon like.


Kete traditionally were made and used by Maori women to hold gathered food. I paid very little for this masterpiece.



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