Oh dear…

It’s been over two weeks and I am still going to op shops, but I have lost my mojo. I have found very little after having such an amazing run for quite a while. It still hasn’t put me off though…

So here are the slim pickings.


Both these sheets are crisp pure cotton with white backgrounds. 
Isn’t this great retro surface design. The bag is vinyl. It contained a hair dryer but I left that at the op shop.
I had a cot cover when I was a girl in the 1960’s identical to this. I love how I go into a shop and a memory that is long forgotten is triggered again. 
Op shopping wouldn’t be complete without finding some retro linens. These sheets are a cotton mix. I really like the raspberry tones. 


For Mother’s Day there was a stand with new items to re gift. This flat box had an ugly handerkerchief inside. Some might say the box is ugly too, but I like the cheerfulness of the flowers. Chrysanthemums are coming back in gardening. It makes me smile how even flowers can be fashionable or unfashionable. My garden is just full of all that I like. And chrysanthemums are there. 

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