Retro finds

The weekend always goes too fast. No time for op shopping, but here are some other retro finds from last week.

The lace cloth was covered in tea stains and priced accordingly – $6 for this beauty which has laundered well. Trust the cat to sit on anything new.

As for the Tapa cloth – how wonderful to find a round one to add to my collection. I haven’t seen a circular one before.

The genie bottle is ridiculous – it reminds me of ‘I Dream of Jennie’ from the 1960’s. I do like the colour and texture.

And the Orange items – more yay to orange! I love old metal stationery and this stapler works very smoothly. Worn paint improves the look to me.

And finally the stool – how cool is this design? The stool needed a clean up and has scrubbed up very well.


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