Five days off… Bliss. Time to do a few projects, get out and about, and into the garden. The flowers are nearing their end for another summer and autumn is definitely in the air. The Cosmos knows that it should keep flowering and lasts so long in a vase. I tend to avoid blue, but this particular blue vase is divine. The centre piece under it is a potholder with a sack backing.

I bought steel wool and took to the steps I bought last week. Today I polyurethaned them. There was a lot of dirt to get off and a bit of skin lost, but I love the result.

As for the knitted chickens, these I bought at the Hospice op shop complete with marshmallow eggs. Some elderly woman doing her bit for the Hospice cause. There were two trays of them… What a lot of effort. So adorable!  There was an Easter egg hunt yesterday and these two chickens were the favourites by far. imageimage

A $2 find – handcrafted excellence. I love the texture and shape. 
Some K Mart silliness that made us laugh.



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