More Friday finds

Excellent – it’s Saturday and first thing this morning I went to the market. Summer fruits will be finished in about three weeks. Meantime, there’s an abundance of plums   – and pears have just started. Apples too have begun. Nectarines are my favourite.

Yesterday was a bonanza day. I quite often go to op shops and find nothing -then other days just one thing – and then there are days like yesterday that seemed too good to be true. So here are the other linens found.


5 thoughts on “More Friday finds

  1. Love all the patterns with the blues. So jealous that you can go to the farmers market…we are buried under feet of snow. But spring is coming for us too. Cheers, Michele


    1. We only get a tiny bit of snow in winter here in the Pacific – close to Antarctica but still quite temperate. Spring must be just around the corner for you. I love the change of seasons except for going into winter…


      1. Me too. Have a lovely rest of your weekend. Love seeing your posts and your finds. Your blog is fabulous. I look forward to every one of your posts. Cheers, Michele


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