Friday Wonderfulness!

An afternoon opportunity to shop and how amazing to find so many linens. The two op shops I went to both had lots of sheets and other linens. Some I already have soaking in Napisan, but here are the rest.


5 thoughts on “Friday Wonderfulness!

  1. Once again your fabulous finds blow me away…love the stripes and the pink florals…my mind is whirling with ideas of what I would do with them if I had my hands on them. Have a lovely day. Cheers, Michele


    1. Hi Michele- I am not a sewer but I have a friend in Auckland who uses them making vintage dresses for children. I love her work. She is just about to branch out into adult dresses. I went op shopping in the North Island and these sheets seemed impossible to find. Sounds like there aren’t many your way either?


      1. Can’t seem to find them in Ottawa…the sheets are not that old or that nice. I am very envious of your finds.


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