Sweet Sunday

Some days flow better than others and a good nights sleep sure helps. I don’t tend to op shop in the weekend. There are too many people and less gets put out. And I like to be home.

It’s still early and I like the quiet of these early morning hours. Time to clean, turn on the music, pick flowers, have a look at all the work to be done in the garden, light a candle and record my finds on Friday.

The ladder is so beautiful. It was sitting right by the door of the op shop and I couldn’t believe that someone else hadn’t snaffled it up. Extra good is how the paint is the perfect colour and just there. I see paint effects to try and get this look but this is the real deal. The chimney pot was my other find in an antique shop. I love NZ pottery and this is going to have a plant in it. It’s big and heavy with a beautiful banded pattern. I paid $45 for this… Which I consider totally underpriced for a piece of art. $45 would not buy much of a pot at a garden shop. Yay to Sunday and an anticipated day in the garden.



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