New Zealand Pottery

The pottery made in New Zealand can be stunning. Pieces from the 1970’s / 80’s turn up all the time in op shops but are often beginners pieces. Night classes used to be funded by the government and thousands of adults would attend a class each year. It was a great way of learning new skills. Chinese cooking and lead lighting were my choices. Pottery class was not on my radar of interest. However, many of my friends had a go at throwing a pot. These pots were often gifted, and now have been passed on to op shops. Amongst all of these attempts I sometimes come across a talented amateur or a registered NZ potter. Registered potters have a stamp in the pottery near or on the base of their piece.

This green bowl is my latest find and is not stamped. $1 for a piece of beauty. I really like putting bowls in the garden and filling them with water.

The blanket at the bottom was my other find. An amazing bright density of colour.


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