A great week op shopping

What a week for op shopping – the skies have been grey and it has felt autumnal – and so a daily fix of op shopping has been the perfect fix!

I already have a map like this hanging in my bathroom. I love school maps. This is a 1973 one in better condition.
It is always a challenge to me to find an old piece of linen and resurrect it to its former beauty. This table cloth was marked in a number of places, but now perfect again.


1970’s pillowcase pattern that I can’t resist. I am intending to put together a whole set of 1970’s patterns.
I was an avid shell collector as a girl- until I found out in my teens how many sea shells were becoming extinct through trawling. But I still have some scattered throughout the house. This Kina was in a junk shop – I love the pink tones.


The graphics on the box is excellent- worth buying just for that…and then inside were these miniature mallets. A game has already been played and now the box is amongst by bookcase treasures.
Polka dots and red…a winning combination. A bit of kitchen rearranging and cleaning needed.
And here is the piece de la resistance…when you walk into the op shop there is a locked cabinet with bits and pieces. And there were these two tin elephants. These are by far my best find. I love their furtive glances, patina and worn paint. They are divine on the piano. And orange too!



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