The beauty of white vintage linen

Yesterday was a big birthday celebration. On Monday I spotted this amazing cloth. It had marks on it but I knew that Napisan would do the trick and indeed it did! The cloth is large and fits my big round table in the kitchen as an overlay. The craft work in this piece is exquisite. I imagine the hours and hours of labour and love to complete it. There really is no monetary value for such a piece. Some very skilled woman many years ago spent her time making this I guess for special occasions. And then it was passed on to the Hospice op shop. How lucky am I to be the recipient! I paid $25 for it – and I will love it forever. And now it has had its first outing and memories were made with dear friends yesterday. May there be many more events I can use it to help celebrations. The roses are from a friend’s garden who couldn’t make it and the poppies and sweet peas are from my garden. The candle is vanilla – a favourite scent for one in this home.


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