Op shop decisions

The peonies are opening so quickly. I don’t grow many roses but I do love them.


I picked this tin up, put it down, walked a bit, returned and finally decided to buy. I get attracted to objects for all sorts of reasons – I really like tin. I should stick to my motto of ‘if not completely convinced leave it’ –   but this tin with its named roses deserves to grace the kitchen table for a while. Then it might head back to the op shop again!

In the weekend I went to a boot sale that was raising money for a teenager to travel overseas. I decided to fill the car with bits from the garage and give her all that I made. It was an excellent turnout – heaps of cars laden with items, but very few buyers. So after some sales,  I stopped waiting, packed up and dropped off a car load of goodies to the Hospice op shop. It was strange today seeing so many of my things there for sale. Clearing out is invigorating. Sometimes I get a bit immobilised with the stuff in my life but once it is gone I never regret it.



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