A gorgeous gift and a great find

How lucky am I! Today my clever friend gave me the choice from two dogs that she had made. It was a hard decision as both were made of divine coloured blankets. I chose this one- aqua,  orange, a red button, a lovely expression… Oh I love it! And how kind to be gifted this work of love and cleverness.

Last week was a bonanza week of finds. The army issued grey blankets to all soldiers. The one on the left might have been one of these.

Check out these great labels.

I buy dog blankets for ‘Jack and Polly’ when they are lovely. This striped one has such a great set of colours through it. Quite unlike anything I have seen before.




And my great find is…


Today when op shopping I found this German vase. What a delight! $12!! Sometimes I am asked what I collect and I don’t collect anything. However, I do have a few of these West German vessels. I love the earthy colours. They sit atop my piano.




What a perfect addition.


One thought on “A gorgeous gift and a great find

  1. Your blog is fabulous, I really enjoy checking in to see what you have posted, the blankets went straight through the wash and are currently blowing around on the line. Love the colours on your kitchen table pic 💐💕


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