Yay to Orange Saturday

As usual no op shopping today but it’s time to give a nod to orange. It is only in the last decade that I have celebrated this colour. And today the first orange poppy appeared in my garden.


How beautiful is that!!

I bought this jug about 20 years ago. Apparently this was painted red and the woman in the 2nd hand shop had just cleaned it up and put it out. It was love at first sight. I brought it home and found that my house had been broken into. It was a Saturday morning and I remember being so shocked that people had been there and taken things. I moved soon after that, but another house we lived in got broken into twice. So after three robberies I am very wary. I have been here nearly 19 years and everything has been fine except car break ins.

Orange makes me happy.


I love this plastic container with its orange design on cream.


And dots are wonderful.


Tin is a favourite material and I like old biscuit barrels that cost a couple of dollars and look great with plants in them.


And finally these tins with great floral design.



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