Tapestry Friday

I love a bargain. I think that the person pricing the item is directly persuaded by their own perception of the value of the item and if they don’t particularly like it then the pricing is low. So thanks to the person who thought that this little tapestry – framed with glass and obviously once treasured by someone – was worth $1.50. image

I particularly like scenes that attempt to capture in wool the colours of water and mountains. I found this large deer scene last year – $18 for this one.


A few years ago in a posh designer shop in Wellington I saw this cushion and although it was very expensive I just couldn’t resist it. I looked at it, left the shop, and couldn’t stop thinking about how clever it was. Imagine collecting all those tapestries, then piecing them together in such a visually satisfying way. Think of all those women who made the original tapestries and then the reasons why they were no longer wanted. I love it that linens can be remade into something new and fallen in love with all over again. I look at this cushion again and again and am so glad that I went back the next day and bought it. I think tapestries are underrated art works.image


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